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About Keyline

About Keyline Industrial Ltd:

Keyline Industrial has been servicing South Western Ontario for over 50 years. We work with industrial businesses to mitigate workplace hazards with proven product solutions. Our mission is to ensure every worker gets to go home healthy at the end of the day. 

We serve Manufacturing, Construction, Food processing and Agricultural Businesses  

Keyline's Expertise: 

  • Fall Protection & Working At Heights Training
  • Hearing, Eye, and Face Protection
  • Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing Training
  • Gas Detection and Confined Space Equipment  
  • First Aid, Eyewash & Spill Containment
  • Hand Protection 
  • Ergonomic and Slip Resistant Matting
  • Traffic Safety

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David, Andrea & Christa have 50 years of industrial safety experience between them. They are trusted industry professionals who want your team to be successful and safe in any work environment.  

What our customers say about Keyline? Read Below:

Peter A. Abbink — 5 star - I have known Dave McLay and the staff of Keyline since 1996. Back then I was the Health & Safety Trainer for a large foundry in Southern Ontario and in charge of purchasing all required PPE. Dave helped me move our requirements from a one size fits all mentality to a more customized supply. We were able to sample and trial a variety of products, and develop department specific product choices. For example: the Core Dept. Needed fine touch nitrile gloves while the Melt and Pour Dept. needed FR high heat gloves and so on. Then his staff took it to the next level by packaging each department's weekly order into it's own box so distribution was a snap and the department manager could confirm the amounts were sufficient and make any adjustments easily. Dave and I even were able to make Safety compliance enjoyable. Our theory was: A comfortable worker is a happy worker therefore a compliant worker. So with no increase in cost we were able to provide wider choices for safety glasses and hearing protection because once again one size does not fit all. If I ever find myself in a role where I have influence in a choice of Safety product suppliers - Keyline Safety will always be my Key Supplier! .................

Heidi Brookes P.GSC-CSC, CHSO, Internal COR Auditor, H&S Manager - I have found Keyline Safety here in London Ontario to be focused on getting you the right information over just pushing a product or product line. We also love that they send trainers to our job sites to do fit testing, harness inspections and will deliver right to the site. For the guys out there, you just have to go and try their underpants! as specially if your in a harness all day or have to deal with the hot downstairs issues (I am sure you know what I mean) they will bring that smile back to your face! They also give back to the community by arranging teams for steps for life fundraising walks to help the families of those who have tragically died on job sites.





David McLay has always been a people person.

In his teenage years, he worked as a counsellor at Camp Kilcoo in Minden. His love of the outdoors led to a job teaching campers about sailing, one of his most-loved water sports.

A few decades later, McLay is the president of Keyline Safety, teaching clients about workplace safety measures and proper equipment, and enjoying every minute of downtime at a cottage he calls the “family compound.”

“We are specialists in the health and safety field. Our business is supporting our customers,” McLay said.

This support can come in the form of training, equipment recommendations and fulfilling safety regulations for a variety of different “protection categories.” Staying safe on the job includes everything from gas detection and protective clothing to fall prevention harnesses.

McLay started working at Keyline Safety when he was 22 years old. It was the business his family co-founded in London in 1968, and his part-time job in the summer before he took off for camp. 

“It was time for me to get serious about something,” he said. “And I made a decision this was the business I wanted to be in.”

Today McLay is travelling extensively around Ontario to share his knowledge with clients, big and small. He started at the company almost three decades ago, and it’s been 20 years since he bought out his father in 1994.

His end goal has always been to keep people protected.

“We want to make sure the job is done in a safe and efficient manner. We don’t want our customers getting injured.”

To avoid those injuries, McLay has visited thousands of sites in his years with the company. He’s stood in the middle of fields, looked out the top floor of skyscrapers and walked through warehouses from Thunder Bay to Windsor.

“I was recently on a wind energy project, and they were installing towers. That’s probably the coolest spot I’ve been recently,” McLay said.

“It’s like London Hydro putting up their standard hydro pole, but this is a hundred times bigger and the job takes a hundred times longer. That’s pretty neat to watch.”

McLay manages six other employees at Keyline Safety, but those staff members are largely office-based, filling roles in administration, accounting and inventory.

As far as travelling to work sites and educating clients about proper safety measures, McLay takes on almost 100% of the responsibility.

“During the week, work is my passion,” he said.

Interacting with an incredible variety of customers and finding solutions to their problems is what brings McLay into work every day with a smile, even 28 years later.

“Most of the fulfilment is just helping customers out,” he said. “Our business is really service driven. That’s a huge part of it.”

Keyline Safety’s clients range from small construction companies to industrial giants.

“Our customer base is really diversified,” McLay said. “We deal with hospitals, the school boards, the municipalities, hydro-electric, renewable energy . . . everything.”

A wide variety of customers means Keyline Safety is consistently balancing many different needs.

“(Sometimes) they need us to help them with cost savings, too. We have to come in on budget. Not everybody wants the Cadillac of every different product we sell.”

It’s the perfect situation for McLay, who said he thrives at a job where every day is different.

Luckily, his business also allows him to be “kind of an old-school guy,” and work traditional business hours, leaving the rest of the time for family adventures.

“Come Friday, I’m the dad of four,” McLay said. He has three sons and one daughter. But the family also includes a whole host of pets. There’s dog Rideau, a cat named Country and Splash, the horse.

McLay said he was recently bullied into accepting a new addition to the family, a puppy named Stoneleigh.

Spending time with his clan is a favourite weekend pastime for McLay. His family makes the trek up to Chaffey’s Lock in the Rideau region for long weekends at the cottage.

Asked if any of his children will be growing into a role at Keyline Safety the way he did as a 20-something, McLay said he’ll be manning the helm for the foreseeable future.

“My kids are all taking their own paths,” he said. “But I don’t think I’ll be staying to (age) 95,” he said with a laugh.

Keyline Safety is ultimately about keeping people safe. And the passion McLay has for accomplishing that goal has never dimmed.

“Unfortunately, in this business, people still die at work. It shouldn’t happen,” he said. “We’re there to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Deaths in the workplace hit McLay hard, considering his own tight-knit family. He wanted to give back to those who have lost a family member at work, so Keyline Safety began supporting a local charity organization called Threads of Life, and participating in an annual fundraising walk. The charity is focused on aiding families who have lost loved ones on the job.

“What that does for us as a company, is it gives us something to work towards. So when ‘ABC Electric’ comes in here looking for safety equipment, we kind of think of that in the back of our minds,” McLay said.

Whether it’s a project for his clients, his kids, or grieving families, David McLay’s work all comes down to people.